The establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domainsThe establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains

In the Meiji Era, as feudalism was abolished and Okinawa was integrated into Japanese society, pottery merchants brought Japanese pottery and Tsuboya-yaki, ,which was protected under the Dynasty was forced into free competition.
Popularity of Ara-yachiPopularity of Ara-yachi

Ara-yachi gained popularity as containers for water and liquor, but as electricity and water services become widely used, the number decreased gradually.
Changes of decorative techniques of Jo-yachiChanges of decorative techniques of Jo-yachi

Jo-yachi production techniques advanced in such ways as introduction of cobalt glaze or thinking out decorative methods but still overpowered by pottery from mainland Japan.

Diversification of Tsuboya-yakiDiversification of Tsuboya-yaki

In the Taisho Era, pottery merchants designed and created "Ryukyu Koten Yaki". Sake bottles and tea ceremony sets for mainland Japan were also developed.

Influence of folk craft movementInfluence of folk craft movement

Japan Folk Craft Association including YANAGI Soetsu paid attention to the pottery of Tsuboya and evaluated the works. It is said that potters regained confidence and pride.