Before pottery

Earthenware of mainland Okinawa Earthenware of mainland Okinawa

Since about 6,600 years ago, earthenware was made in Okinawa. In the early days, mostly pots were made. Until 12th century, Okinawa was in the era of earthenware.
Panari-yaki earthenwarePanari-yaki earthenware

In islands, they succeeded cultures different from mainland Okinawa and especially in Aragusuku Island (Panari Island) of Taketomi-village, earthenware was made until 150 years ago.
Era of imported pottery Era of imported pottery

In 12th century at the Era of Gusuku, they traded actively with overseas and import of pottery increased. The peak was 14th century - so called the era of imported pottery.

Pottery of foreign countries

imported some from Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan

 Pottery of foreign countries

Most pottery was imported from China, but in the 15th century, they imported some from Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.