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Tsuboya streetTsuboya street

In 1970's, though Nobori-gama was no longer in use because of smoke pollution, gas kilns were introduced and Tsuboya-yaki has been keeping up the tradition.
Nobori-gama of Yomitan-sonNobori-gama of Yomitan-son

Potters of Ara-yachi and potters who insisted on using Nobori-gama moved to places like Yomitan-son and are still producing pottery with the kilns.

Eiyo-gama and TraditionalEiyo-gama and Traditional

There are kilns which succeed traditional techniques generation after generation since the start at Tsuboya. ARAKAKI Eiyo, designated as a modern expert, is the 16th and his son Sakae also succeeds the technique.
Jiro-gama and YoungmenJiro-gama and Youngmen

KINJO Jiro moved his kiln to Yomitan-son quickly. Young people jointly bake pottery under guidance of Kinjo's children or SHIMABUKURO Tsunehide (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts) and pursuing tradition of Okinawa.

(Photo: Students of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)