Slovak Centre of Traditional Culture, Bratislava

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Slovenské centrum pre tradičnú kultúru, Bratislava
Contact: Dr Juraj Hamar Statutory Representative
Contact: Vladimír Kyseľ Administrator
Telephone: 421 (0) 905 505 585


Starhradská 12, 851 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 905 505 585

SCTK logoThe Slovak Centre of Traditional Culture is a civic association with the following functions: (i) protection, distribution, promotion and documentation of traditional and folk culture and folklore in Slovakia and abroad; (ii) methodological, organisational, educational and training activities in the field of traditional and folk culture and folklore; (iii) organising cultural programmes, festivals and events focused on traditional and folk culture and folklore; (iv) data collection, archiving, documentation; (v) publishing and multimedia delivery of traditional, folk and mass culture; (vi) preparation and implementation of grants to promote the traditional folk culture, folklore and rural development; and (vii) co-operation with cultural, or other authorities with the same orientation.