Kremnica Municipal Information Centre

Informačné centrum mesta Kremnica
Contact: Zuzana Tileschová (f) Manager
Telephone: 421 (0) 45 674 2856
Štefánikovo námestie 35/44, 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia
421 (0) 45 674 4388, 421 (0) 911 270538
421 (0) 45 674 2856
Jun-Aug: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat-Sun; Sep-May: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat, closed Sun

Kremnica Municipal Information Centre provides information on the natural and cultural rarities of the town for tourist purposes and promotes these rarities in various ways.

Information Centre serves as the first stop for tourists where they are provided, both in winter and summer, with the information about the expositions, events of every kind and sports and tourist possibilities. Information Centre tends to be visited also by local inhabitants with the aim to obtain information of all kind, copying or faxing.

Services include the sale of complementary goods, travel tickets, flight tickets, insurance and tickets available through TICKETPORTAL on-line sale network. Simultaneously, the Information Centre acts as a travel agency mediating the sale of package tours from different travel agencies.

This organisation is a member of the Association of Information Centres of Slovakia (AICES) in Liptovský Mikuláš.