Southsea castle

Southsea castle 
Technically, Southsea castle is technically really more of a fort than a castle.
Built in an age of emerging artillery dominance, it sits low to the ground, and its massive walls are angled to offer maximum protection from incoming projectiles and maximum fire-power coverage for the defenders.
It played a brief part during the English Civil War, which you can read about on the official web site, but there is also an account of what happened in my own local history website, at
I'll admit that I'm a real "old buildings freak", but you don't have to be an anorak to enjoy wandering around the various chambers, defensive tunnels and ramparts of what was, when it was first built by Henry VIII, at the cutting age of military technology.
Kids love this place, especially those semi-underground parts that have a genuinely spooky feel to them. Well worth a visit, if you have the time.