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If you're a seasoned European traveler, who's driven on the continent before, you probably won't need this section of our website, but just in case, and for those people driving on the other side of the Channel for the first time, here are a few basics that you will need to know.

European motoring laws and regulations are a fair bit more stringent than ours, especially when it comes to the old health and safety angle, although mostly they are based on common sense, so we shouldn't complain.


In short , most European motoring legislation is aimed at ensuring that motorists can (a) travel safely, (b) sort out basic mechanical faults themselves, and thus be on their way as quickly as possible, without causing hindrance to others, and (c) be equipped to help deal with basic roadside emergencies, whether their own, or other people's.

On the continent, they have what is called the "Good Samaritan" law, whereby all motorists are required to stop and offer assistance in the event of a road traffic accident, so cars are required to be equipped with certain things to help in this, and to ensure that all the people involved have the best safety protection possible - which makes sense..

Therefore, cars are required to carry an emergency reflective triangle (two in Spain), a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and high visibility jackets, or bibs for every person in the vehicle - failure to comply with this can result in an on-the-spot fine of a hundred Euros!

This may all seem a bit daunting at first, but it really is quite simple, and not only do we have leaflets that set it all out, our staff know all about the European rules, so can quickly help you sort it all out.

That's more than handy when it comes to fitting headlight adapters - driving on the right hand side of the road makes this essential, so you don't dazzle other drivers - or get a hefty fine!

 Motoring accessories
Motoring accessories - check list 

You will also need to have a GB plate or sticker on the back of your vehicle, trailer, or caravan - we stock a very good magnetic one, which saves on paintwork if removing and replacing, and means it can be transferred between vehicles.

And last, but not least, you must carry replacement bulbs for every exterior lamp on your vehicle and/or trailer - we have a kit that also includes fuses and should cover you for every eventuality.

But we're not just about helping you to comply with all these different regulations; we also stock a full range of maps and guidebooks (we're one of the few places in England where you can get decent maps of Brittany and Normandy) and a whole lot more.