Mary Rose museum

Mary Rose 

The remains of the Mary Rose have been in Portsmouth since they were raised from the sea bed in the Solent in 1982. It hasn't been that easy to see the hull, however, as it is still be sprayed with preservative.

Recently, though, it has been announced that funding has been raised to enable the building of a new museum, large enough to hold the ship herself, and the thousands of artifacts that have also been recovered from the wreck site.
This is due to open in 2012, and the hull will also be fully viewable, in a museum that will be among the finest of its kind anywhere in the world - a fantastic addition to the heritage experience of Portsmouth (click image for larger picture).
Visitors will have the unique opportunity of getting to close quarters with a slice of Tudor history unequalled anywhere else - it's worth a visit on its own, but the same can be said of all the other historic sites in Portsmouth.