Role players

The People

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Developed questionnaire and helped establish South African APRM Secretariat

Focal Point:

Minister of Public service and Administration Geraldine Fraser Moleketi

Chairperson of the National Governing Council. Manages the SA APRM secretariat.

National Governing Council

List of Governing council

Members from the Governing Council report on the submissions from their province or sector, oversee the work of the SA APRM secretariat, Provide input on submissions at conferences and seminars

South African APRM Secretariat

Situated at the Department of Public Service and Administration,

Delivers questionnaire to people, companies, government departments, academics and other interested parties. Collects subsequent submissions and delivers them to Research Partners, Technical Support Agencies and Quality Assurance Agencies.

Technical Support Agencies

South African Institute for International Affairs (SAIIA)

Institute for Economic Research and Innovation



Develop technical reports on the completeness and accuracy of the submissions received from Government, Civil Society and others. Provide input at research seminars

Quality Assurance Agencies

Human Sciences Research Council

Auditor General of South Africa

Quality assure and analyse the technical reports, Provide input at research seminars and conferences

Research Partners

List of research partners

Provide submissions, provide input for CSAR at seminars and conferences

Panel of Eminent Persons


Oversee the APRM process in Africa.

Country Support Mission

List of members

Help establish the APRM within countries who have elected to take part in the process. Helps develop final report and programme of action

Country heads of State


Oversees whole APRM process