Internship & Job Opportunities

Internship & Job

Because of our belief in the importance of education and continued learning, and the fact that much of our success can be attributed to contacts and opportunities made available to us during our own college experiences, we offer several internships to college students each semester.

Students can choose what semester they visit us - fall, spring, or summer and can also choose what discipline in which they want to gain experience, either in the feedyard or on one of our ranches, or a combination of both. We then plan their internship around these choices.



Our internships can include the following experiences:

Calving - We calve approximately 3200 mother cows, and although they are fairly self-sufficient cows, some intervention can be required

Range Management - Our ranch managers are grass managers, rather than cow managers, and our ranches are managed accordingly. With the varying environments of our ranch locations, there is a wealth of knowledge offered in range management and biodiversity

Artificial Insemination Programs - Each year we send students to breed thousands of heifers and cows on other ranches. Students not only gain valuable experience in AI programs and implementation, but they get to visit and learn about some of the largest and most progressive ranches in the United States.

Feedyard Management and Daily Operation - With two feedyards totaling 32,000 head in capacity, there is plenty of daily activity, including nutrition and feeding management, health management, and pen management to offer students a wide variety of experiences. Students can gain experience in many non-traditional methods, and the marketing of fat cattle in a value-based environment - nearly 95% of the cattle fed here are marketed in some type of value-based system.

Interns will also be expected to complete a project during their stay relating to the discipline of our operation that holds the greatest interest to them. This project will be planned during the initial period of their Sunrise at the Teague Headquarters internship and will have the input of their immediate supervisor for the internship, as well as Gary and Laura Teague.

Interns are provided housing during their stay and are paid $1,000/month while they are here. In addition to this compensation, upon completion of their internship, the management of Teague Diversified, Inc., will evaluate their experience, and will pay for a percentage of their college tuition and fees the following semester-up to 100%, based on this evaluation.

Career Opportunities
Because of the tremendous growth of our company, we continually hire enthusiastic, experienced pen riders and feeding personnel. Our company pays extremely competitively relative to industry standards, as well as provides an excellent benefits package, including vacation time, health, dental, and life insurance, and a bonus and incentive program.

Office Support Personnel, Ft. Morgan Feedyard -
We are currently looking for an individual to provide support to our accountant and office manager. Necessary qualifications include knowledge of accounting principles, computer, keyboarding, 10-key, attention to detail, cheerfulness, appropriate phone etiquette, and enthusiasm and ability to learn new things. Office environment is casual and interactive. Pay will be commensurate with experience and attitude.