Custom Artificial Insemination Services

Custom Artificial Insemination Services...

In addition to developing and breeding replacement heifers in our own feedyard, we also offer artificial insemination services in the field, on ranches or in other feedyards.

We offer various programs, varying from a simple program of timed insemination with no heat detection, to a full consultation and implementation of estrous synchronization, sire selection, heat detection, and breeding. All programs are extremely cost effective, and, relative to industry average, quite inexpensive. We provide these services at a

One of our traveling AI 'facilities'to help ensure program success
One of our traveling AI "facilities"
to help ensure program success

breakeven for us because we feel like we reap more benefit from business generated from this service (custom feeding) than what we could attempt to make from the artificial insemination service itself. Additionally, we give many outstanding college students the opportunity to visit and learn about many large, progressive ranches, an experience that is not easily matched by other internships.

To supplement the labor for our AI services, we acquire the services of several talented, well-recommended college students, within an internship program, each year. These students travel around the United States to provide artificial insemination services to our customers and other ranchers who are interested in cost-effective, turnkey artificial insemination services.

To ensure success of our programs, our preference is to help the customer plan his AI program from the ground up. Our knowledgeable staff can determine the most effective, appropriate method of synchronization for Sheridan Ranch Heifers the individual herd, whether they are heifers or cows. We then will provide the labor and the drug products required to get the job complete, and can even provide semen from proven, low-birthweight, moderate bulls, at a fraction of the cost of the conventional Artificial Insemination Stud. We also offer intensive, full time heat detection during the synchronized heat period, a service that few other technicians offer, increasing the effectiveness of the artificial insemination program.

Our services are driven with the low-cost, commercial producer in mind - we can very likely get your females pregnant for much less than a bull can.