Nemecká Memorial SNP

Pamätník SNP, Nemecká
Contact: Stanislav Mičev Director
976 97 Nemecká, Slovakia
421 (0) 48 412 3258
421 (0) 48 412 3716
May-Sep: 9am-6pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon; Oct-Apr: 9am-4pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon

Part of the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising, the Nemecká Memorial has been established to remember the tragic events of January 1945 at Kofroň lime kiln near the village of Nemecká, when the Nazi security police under SS-Obersturmfuhrer Dr Kurt Georg Herbert Deffner, supported by members of the Hlinka Guard, carried out a mass execution of participants in the Slovak National Uprising, their family members and sympathisers, plus a large number of Roma ethnic people. Estimates of the number of people killed range from 500 to 900. The lime kiln was chosen as it was seen as the best way to conceal the evidence. The ashes of the victims were disposed of in the River Hron.

The Nemecká Memorial was built according to a project involving architects A Bella, E Stancika and M Bellus and academic sculptors K Patakyova and A Vika.