Central European Initiative (CEI) Co-operation Fund

Kooperačný fond Stredoeurópskej iniciatívy (SEI)
Contact: Paola Plancher Senior Executive Officer
CEI Executive Secretariat, Via Genova 9, I-34121 Trieste, Italy
39 040 778 6726
39 040 360640

In order to facilitate the implementation of programmes and projects either organised or sponsored by CEI, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs at their meeting held in Milan in June 2001 decided upon the establishment of a CEI Co-operation Fund. On that occasion an annual budget of EUR 300.000, covered by annual contributions from all CEI Member States according to their national income, was approved.

The CEI Co-operation Fund co-finances activities in various areas provided that at least 50 per cent of the resources are available from another donor. Since its inception in 2002 the CEI Co-operation Fund has supported more than 600 co-operation activities in various CEI Member States.