Academy of Ruthenian Culture in Slovakia, Prešov

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Akadémia rusínskej kultúry v Slovenskej republike, Prešov
Contact: Alexander Zozuľák Director


Duchnovičovo námestie 1, 081 48 Prešov, Slovakia
421 (0) 51 772 5629, 421 (0) 51 772 2889
421 (0) 51 773 3201

Academy of Rusyn Culture - logoThe Academy of Ruthenian Culture in Slovakia is an academic and charitable institution founded by Steven Chepa in 2001 for the purpose of encouraging new work and preserving the insights and beauty of Ruthenian (Rusyn) culture for the benefit of all mankind. It has branches all over the world.

The Academy aims specifically: (i) to encourage new work influenced by the Ruthenian experience; (ii) to support creative talent, performances, and exhibitions throughout the world; (iii) to document and preserve the history, beauty and unique insights of Ruthenian culture; (iv) to recognise outstanding Ruthenian cultural support and achievement by awarding ‘Fellow’ designations to worthy individuals who include Ruthenian culture among the treasures of their human experience; (v) to further recognise and reward Ruthenian cultural achievement by awarding a Chepa Bear along with other tokens of appreciation to individuals on an annual basis in recognition of outstanding contributions to Ruthenian culture in the categories of architecture, art, music, theatre, literature and outstanding support. Prizes are not awarded in years of inadequate achievement or inadequate funding; and (vi) to publish a directory of Ruthenian talent and knowledge to facilitate sharing and fellowship throughout the world.