Dundee is referred to as the city of Discovery, this name is related to the R.S.S Discovery which is permanently docked in the River Tay just outside the city centre.  It is the 4th largest city in Scotland and it is situated along the River Tay across from Fife.

The city used to be know for its three “J”s which were Jam, Jute and Journalism.  The Jute industry was big here during the Industrial Revolution in Britain.  A large number of the population were employed in Jute Mills from most of the 20th centaury until the last Jute mill was closed in the 1970’s. 

The jam reference is to Marmalade which was reported to have been invented in the city in 1797 and it became exported worldwide.  The journalism in the city came in the form of DC Thompson publishing which was founded in 1905 and it has published magazines such as the Dandy and the Beano.

Dundee in the present day is more focussed on technology and IT based industries such as computer games development.  Popular computer games such as Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto  were created here.  This industry is closely linked to Abertay University which offers course which specialise in computer games development.

The city has gone under much regeneration over the years and this continues to the present day with a current redevelopment of the waterfront area underway.  This multi million pound project is redevelop the railway station, extend the city centre and improve the pedestrian areas. It is due to take around 30 years and be completed around 2031.

The city is becoming more popular with tourists and as such there has been an increase in both the number and standard of accommodation available.  Top brand hotels such as Travelodge and Holiday Inn have recently opened hotels within the city centre area and tourism industry in the city continues to grow.Dundee tourist map - with parking places, public toilets, pedestrian lanes