Podhoří 1 (okr. Přerov)

D 4704

Site: Podhoří 1 (Z3), area = 2.3 ha

Investigation conducted in May-July 2002.

Finds: 189 settlement features, mostly remains of above-ground wooden structures, some of regular rectangular ground plan with 10 - 18 m of length and 6 – 9 m of width. Construction/storage pits – pieces of pottery, clay weights, two pieces of bronze and iron bracelets, dating the site into the Hallstadt period of the Lusitanian Urnfield culture – Platěnice culture.

11 flint and chert flakes from the Neolith.

It may be assumed that a northern or north-western tip of a prehistoric settlement was uncovered.

A construction pit with remains of weaver’s weights

Ground plans of structures from the Hallstadt period

Pieces of ceramic vessels

Pieces of bronze bracelets and an iron bracelet from the Hallstadt period