Tube Projects

Air conditioning will be introduced on the sub-surface lines, with a novel air-cooling system to be trialled on the deep tube lines. Part of the PPP contract for the subsurface network upgrade (Circle, District, Metropolitan & Hammersmith & City lines) included an option for air-conditioning on the new trains to be rolled out across these lines. This option will be exercised as part of TfL's 5-year investment programme.
Metronet, the private infrastructure company in charge of these lines, has pledged various upgrades. A new fleet of 47 trains is promised for the Victoria Line, arriving from 2009 and all in service by 2012. A prototype will be running by 2006. There will be a 5% increase in "capability" by 2006, and a 20% improvement in reliability by 2005, along with an 8% improvement in journey times. Modernisation will occur at 12 stations by 2012.
A controversial redevelopment is proposed to relieve pressure on this busy station which already sees Sunday crowd control closures.
A minor connection between Croxley LU and the disused Croxley Green rail branch would allow Met trains into Watford High St and Junction. This is a project requiring relatively little work - the only new construction required is a new bridge over the road from Croxley to Croxley Green, and a short new alignment east of Croxley Green where the branch has been severed by a road.
Connections from the East London Line onto the National Rail network at both ends using disused railway alignments will permit orbital services from Highbury to Clapham Jcn, Crystal Palace and Croydon. The East London Line is currently being extended both north and south to link it into the overground rail network. Work is scheduled for completion by 2010 (much later than originally planned).
Tube Lines, the private consortium in charge of maintaining these lines, has promised a series of upgrades. Tube Lines have said that they will replace the entire trackwork for these lines (except the Jubilee Line Extension (JLE)) in the first Review Period (the first 7.5 years of the contract, after which they will be assessed). They also need to upgrade every station (except on the JLE) in some form or another during this period.
The Jubilee Line extension was constructed to allow a branch from North Greenwich to serve Thamesmead. Tunnel layout at North Greenwich permits the relatively easy construction of a junction for a branch intended to serve the Isle of Dogs across the river followed by Thamesmead. However, if Crossrail goes ahead in its current form which includes a branch via Canary Wharf, Custom House and Woolwich, the second Jubilee Line extension is unlikely to go ahead.
Underground services might run an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays, but would start an hour later the next morning under this proposal.
A Central Line station will provided at Park Royal for interchange with the Piccadilly line and to serve new developments. As part of the development works at Park Royal, it has been agreed that a new Central Line station will be provided with the platforms running east of the Masons Green Lane bridge, which connects Coronation Road to Park Royal Piccadilly Line station.
Private firm Metronet, now in charge of the subsurface lines, has pledged a substantial series of improvements. The peak hour service is currently 28tph on most of the subsurface network in Zone 1 and is due to be increased to 30tph, to be achieved by restructuring the service - in particular the Circle line.
A one-stop branch from Seven Sisters to Northumberland Park would be possible. The Victoria Line's depot is on the surface between Tottenham Hale and Northumberland Park stations on WAGN's overground line out of Liverpool St. Some trains start or terminate at Seven Sisters in order to run from or to this depot.
Wembley Park station is being enlarged in connection with the new Wembley Stadium which is due to open in 2005. The current Wembley Park station, which serves the bulk of Wembley Stadium traffic (as opposed to Chiltern's Wembley Stadium station or the Bakerloo/Silverlink Wembley Central station) can currently handle around 22,000 passengers per hour (assuming most travel southbound).