Okinawa Insects

Yanbaru tenaga-kogane (Yanbaru long-armed scarab beetle), Cheirotonus jambarYanbaru tenaga-kogane (Yanbaru long-armed scarab beetle), Cheirotonus jambar(National Protected Species)
The largest specie recognized in northern Okinawa in 1983. The distinctive long forelegs of the males act as a weapon in battles.

Konaha-chou (Leaf Butterfly), Kallima inachus eucercaKonaha-chou (Leaf Butterfly), Kallima inachus eucerca (Prefectural Protected Species)
Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae. It is famous for its wing camouflage, which looks like dead leaves. It is attracted to tree saps and threads its way among the trees. Okinawa is the northern limit of its distribution.

Futao-chou, Polyura eudamippus weismanniFutao-chou, Polyura eudamippus weismanni (Prefectural Protected Species)
Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae. The Japanese name, futa-o (two tails), comes from the two projections under the back wings. Seen only in the forest of northern Okinawa.