Prince William In Australia 2011

Prince William Australia 2011
In March this year Prince William visited Australia representing his grandmother The Queen of Australia to tour disaster affected areas and connect with the people.

On the first two days of his official royal visit Prince William visited Cardwell and Townsville in Queensland which were affected by Cyclone Yasi.  Prince William abandoned his strictly controlled schedule in Cardwell to walk amongst the people who had gathered to meet him. 

In Grantham, Prince William displayed incredible compassion by spending 15 minutes with the families of each victim of the devastating floods that virtually destroyed the entire community. The Prince heard stories of heroism and comforted those who had lost everything in the Lockyer Valley area.

On the evening of his second day in Australia, Prince William attended a fundraising function at the Brisbane Convention Centre hosted by the Premier of Queensland.

On the final day of his visit, Prince William visited areas in Northern Victoria devastated by flooding, particularly the areas of Kerang, Benjeroop and Murrabit.

His Royal Highness requested an informal visit to Australia and the impact it had was profound upon all who met him.  Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh said “The Prince’s genuine concern for the people he met…has visibly lifted everyone that he’s met, and that is so important to our recovery”.

Prince William was deeply touched by the strength of the people he met, he said “I wanted to let you know that you’ve not been forgotten about, onwards and upwards, you’ve got a great community spirit”.

Prince William Australia 2011