Local Products of Okinawa

Unlike the other prefectures in Japan, Okinawa is located in the subtropical zone, nurtured by the beautiful and fertile nature. It consists of a number of islands, with many isolated, such as the Yaeyama islands. Due to such environment, the local products in Okinawa have come through a very successful and unique development, and are rich in variation.

They are very distinctive with the colors of each island, as can be seen in the annual Island Fair at the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan city. Not only are they fully admired within the prefecture, they are also praised throughout Japan. Okinawan products are now available in other major cities in Japan at the stores called Washita Shop.

Awamori spirit is the most prominent alcohol in Okinawa. With the forty-eight local brewers, Awamori is diverse in its kinds. Due to its peculiar flavor, many from the other places in Japan became addicted to it once they tasted it. They vary from the mellow aged ones to the new light and mild ones that are popular among the young people.
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Health Food Products 
"Health Food Products"
For a long time, naturally grown exotic plants such as aloe, turmeric and sannin (gettou) flower were used in our daily lives. From these knowledge, the prefectural health products aims to deliver health to the rest of Japan in forms of quality prefecture products of teas and vinegars.

Okinawan confectioneries are diverse, from the traditional sweets originating from the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom such as Chinsukou and Chiirunkou, to the contemporary popular sweets such as Beniimo potato Yokan and American-flavored ice cream.

General foods 
"General foods"
As one of the world's distinguished islands of longevity, the Okinawan principle, "healing and eating supports life and maintains health, hence both has the same essence" is applied to the general foods as well. Included in the typical ones are abundant dishes and food utilizing pork and seafood, such as kelp. Recently, the blessing from the beautiful ocean of Okinawa, "salt", is the prominent health product.

Daily Necessities 
"Daily Necessities"
Many daily necessities fit for daily use have been produced from the industrial arts, such as Yachimun ceramic, Minsa textile, wood works, Bingata dyed textile. They are becoming popular among tourists as souvenirs.