Slovak Sinfonietta

Štátny komorný orchester Žilina
Contact: Vladimír Šalaga Director
Contact: Dr Elena Filippi (f) Head of concert traffic
Telephone: 421 (0) 41 245 1113
Štátny komorný orchester Žilina, Dolný val 47, 028 11 Žilina, Slovakia
421 (0) 903 535 200
421 (0) 41 562 6972

TThe Slovak Sinfionetta Žilina is one of the best known professional orchestras in Eastern Europe and holds a very important position in Slovak musical culture. It was founded in 1974 as the only "Classical period" chamber orchestra in Slovakia. Since then the orchestra has attained a prominent position in both Slovak and Czech Republics, as well as developing a considerable international reputation.

Its 34 members are graduates of the major Czech and Slovak music academies, and many of them are winners of international competitions and active both as soloists and chamber musicians. The quality of the players, together with the experience and musicianship of the founding music director and conductor Eduard Fischer (1930-1993) brought about the quick artistic growth of the orchestra.

By 1977 the orchestra attained international recognition when it was invited to the Salzburg Festival and designated the official orchestra of that prestigious festival. Soon after, followed appearances at the "Prague Spring" and the major festivals throughout Europe, including Wiener Festwochen, Viennese "Spring Festival", Haydn Festival, Festa Musica Pro in Italy, Festival de Cataluňa in Spain, Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Mozartfest Schwetzingen, Mozart Sommer Schloss Salem, Festival van Vlaanderen, Johann Strauss Festival in Vienna, Aspekte Salzburg, Bodensee Festival in Switzerland, Festival de Bonaguil in France, Festival El Djem in Tunisia, Ankara Music Festival, Bratislava Music Festival, and many others, including as far away as the “Festival de Manaus” in Brasil. The Slovak Sinfonietta is one of only three orchestras together with the Vienna and the Berlin Philharmonics, that are annual performers at the Vienna Music Festivals.

The Sinfonietta has played in almost all the world’s great concert halls from St.Petersburg to Tokyo and altogether, the orchestra has given over 2500 concerts in European countries as well as Tunisia, Japan, Brasil, Armenia, Turkey, Canada and the U.S.A. Their American tours included performances in many major cities including Chicago, Cleveland and New York.

The Slovak Sinfonietta is in reality, a small symphony orchestra with a very broad repertoire of baroque, classical, early romantic, as well as 20th century works. The nucleus of their repertoire is the late eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century works. The orchestra also occasionally performs non-traditional programs, mostly for young audiences, high-lighting jazz and popular music.