Contact: Jaroslav Jaduš, MŽP SR Festival Director
Dagmar Rajčanová Festival Manager
Slovenská agentúra životného prostredia (SAŽP), Tajovského 28, 975 90 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
421 (0) 48 437 4183
421 (0) 48 413 2153
Annual, May, 6 days

Envirofilm-logoThe Envirofilm international film festival is the largest educational and promotional event of its kind in Slovakia. The objective is to present and award new films and TV programmes that by their content and artistic level help to disseminate information about nature and ideas related to environmental protection. The Envirofilm Film Festival is held in four towns: Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Banská Štiavnica and Kremnica. The International Jury of Professionals consists of film and TV personalities and environmentalists from Slovakia and abroad. Films and TV programmes are classified in the following categories: Journalistic Programmes and Films, Documentaries, Educational and Instructive Video Programmes and Films, Free Production and Films for Children and Youth.

All regulations and conditions of participation are issued under the Envirofilm Rules Statute. The on-line entry form (on-line application form) is available on the web site. The awarded entries remain part of the permanent collection of the video library of the Slovak Environmental Agency. The video library currently contains more than 1,000 films and arrangements can be made to borrow them.

Members of the Film Festival also have a chance to see films that are not in competition. These films are donated annually by the Slovak Film Institute (SFÚ), Bratislava and by film festivals associated through ECOMOVE International (an international association of environmental festivals). Envirofilm offers conferences, professional and creative seminars and workshops, exhibitions, competitions, discussions with directors, film makers, documentarists and preservationists from Slovakia and abroad. Also organised within the framework of Envirofilm is The International Contest of Children and Youth Artistic Creativity 'Green World'.