Okinawa Diary

S. Kathleen Kitao
  • FShurei Gaterom December 25-29, 2002, Kenji and I visited Okinawa. It was Kenji's fifth visit (the first two were about 35 years ago and second two were about 20 years ago) and my first. Okinawa is a fascinating place. It is a Japanese prefecture, but it has only been part of Japan for a little over a century, and while it shows influence of Japan, it has its own separate history and has been strongly influenced by other countries, especially China. This is a diary of our trip to Okinawa. We have also made a links page with links to web pages related to various aspects of Okinawa (there are a great many resources on the web related to Okinawa, if you know where to look) and a web page with explanations of Okinawan life and culture.