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Warning Level: HAZARDOUS

Condition Description: Often offshore winds blowing into the shore combine with ocean currents to "push" jellyfish - to the shore. This is especially so nine to ten days after the full moon, when box jellyfish - Carybdea alata - "swarm" in Hawai`i. Jellyfish stings can be quite painful and even life threatening for some.

Comments: Should you be stung, see a lifeguard for minor first aid assistance, if necessary.

City and County of Honolulu lifeguards can radio or call for an emergency ground or helicopter emergency medical ambulance in very severe circumstances. These stings cause anaphylactic shock in some persons - some of the severe symptomatic manifestations include shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest. IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION MAY BE REQUIRED! (Note: portuguese men-of-war and sea anemones can cause similar severe anaphylactic shock reactions.)