Authentic Awamori, Aged 10 Years "Uminokuni"


Taste the Eternal


The Kingdom of the Ryukyus is beauteous in the southern seas, imbued with the virtue (intellect) of the Kingdom of Korea, of common share with our liege in Ming, and intimate with Zhangzhou (Japan). Herein, this our Utopia, is sited betwixt two powers, using our vessels to bridge unto all the nations, the riches of which grace all our lands.

Authentic Awamori, Aged 10 Years



Contents 720 milliliters
Alcohol 43 % (86 Proof)
Ingredients: Rice, Kouji mold

In ancient times when Okinawa was called the Ryukyu Kingdom, in an era when a unique history and culture was built, the prestigious families of Shuri and Naha would offer up on very special occasions a drink of the aged Awamori called Kusu, a distilled liquor aged in unglazed Nanban pottery jars.

Awamori, like other distilled liquors such as scotch and brandy, matures as time passes, creating an unparalleled taste that is refined, distinctive and mellow.

The head of a household would take the treasured Kusu from its cellar, pouring just one measure into a small sake pot and serve it with pride to guests in small china sake cups. As a rule just one cup was served. This aged and refined Kusu, the most chic of Okinawa's Awamori, has been revived in the ten year-old Kusu called Uminokuni.

When the special Kaiho National Athletic Meet was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan, a collaboration of all the Awamori distillers in Okinawa created Uminokuni, an authentic aged ten year-old Kusu.

Awamori has a proud 500 year tradition, made with the excellent and unique scientific methods developed by Okinawans. It is the sole liquor that uses the mysterious black Kouji (aspergillus) mold in its fermentation and the long aging further polishes its deliciousness. Now the remarkable taste of Awamori makes its grand appearance, aptly regarded as a "World Famous High Quality Sake".

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