Ancient rural trades in Tuscany

The intention of the law is to promote action for safeguarding, restoring, improving, and popularizing those rural agricultural production processes and activities that have particular historical, ethnographic, and cultural interest and are in danger of being abandoned and lost. The processes for agricultural and lumber production and conversion, husbandry, the activities and services connected and complementary to agriculture and the facilities connected with them.

The law establishes a regional list onto which can be entered all those who carry out production and/or conversion activities or processes for agricultural, lumber, or husbandry products that are in danger of being lost. Those who carry out activities and/or services that are associated with and/or complementary to agriculture and the rural life style and are in danger of being lost can also be enrolled. The facilities and buildings that are associated with the aforementioned activities can also be included on this list if they are considered important enough from a historical or architectural point of view. This list can be found at this internet site.