Historical Timepiece Exhibition at Budimir Manor House

Expozícia historických hodín, Kaštieľ v Budimíre
Contact: Eugen Labanič Director
Budimírsky kaštieľ, 044 43 Budimír, Slovakia
421 (0) 55 695 8294
421 (0) 55 622 5965
10am-5pm Tue-Sat, closed Sun-Mon

Opened in 1990 at Budimir Mansion, the Historical Timepiece Exhibition is a branch of the Slovak Technical Museum dedicated to the history of time measuring and clocks.

The permanent exhibition of historical watches and clocks is installed in the former representative hall of the mansion and is drawn from the depositories of the Slovak Technical Museum and the East Slovakia Museum, Košice.

Small exhibitions concerning the history of technology and the history of art are also installed here from time to time.