Chuya Nakahara

 A modern poet Nakahara Chuya, who contributed great achievements to the history of Japanese Literature, was born at Yudaonsen Yamaguchi city on 29th of April in 1907. He devoted his 30 years of life to make poems.

He died in obscurity in a unfamiliar land and his poems gained fame only after his death. However, as time has passed, his poems have become highly valued. Chuya has recently been recognized as one of the best modern lyric poets.

He showed promising poetic talent at early age. His collection of poems "Songs of goats" was published in Tokyo in 1934. He also introduced French poets through translating.

He died in sickness at Kamakura on 22nd of October in 1937. His poetic collection "Songs from days of yore" was published next year by his friend Kobayashi Hideo.

Chuya's fame has been getting higher and higher since his death and a couple of his poetic collections have been published by many companies. His poems also were introduced to foreign countries.