Health & Wellness

There are many ideas, and opinions, on what constitutes good health, or what a meaningfully healthy lifestyle feels like or looks like.

It could be said that health should be a natural condition, or at least a consistent state of well being. But what is this natural condition?

There are some people who accept pain and discomfort in the body as a necessary part of living. This pain is considered to be a motivator, something for the body to fight against. They accept this condition because they observe that there are so many people with health complaints and so few people free of problems. It is even taken for granted today that dying of a degenerative disease is acceptable if the person had led a 'good life'.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, living without substance abuse, and coping with stressors can influence many of the primary and secondary risks to health. In addition to helping prevent health problems, these behaviours provide the basis for a higher level of fitness.

The knowledge that health status and risk of major health problems can be modified is an exciting yet frustrating aspect of fitness programs. It is exciting because individuals can actually gain control of their health. It is frustrating in that it may be difficult for some people to change unhealthy lifestyles.

Participating in a fitness program puts a person at the cutting edge of health. Fitness professionals can help fitness participants gain control of their lives, beginning with an evaluation of risk factors and behaviours related to health.