Portsmouth brief history

Once upon a time? Yes, well once upon a time the Portsmouth area was just one tiny part of a gaseous and extremely hot ball, spinning around the sun at a fair old lick - but then that's not the "once upon a time" that we're after, is it.

Rather, we need to come forward to a time when people first started appearing in the area, but just briefly, we should pause as we pass through the cretaceous era, which ended about 65 million years ago and gave way to the cenozoic era, which we're still in now, as it happens.

A Very Brief History of Okinawa

Because karate (as we know it today) has its most immediate and most formative roots in Okinawa, one must know about the history of Okinawa to understand karate.

On the Trig

William WordworthThis tour presents the origin and early years of the Trigonometrical Survey of England and Wales, later known as the Ordnance Survey.

History of Yamaguchi

Lord Ouchi and Yamaguchi
by local historian Shin Uchida

Okinawan pottery history

The Traditional Culture Born Beauty


Japan is one of the world's most ethnically and culturally homogeneous nations, but down the ages its culture and society have been greatly influenced by foreign ideas and institutions, art and literature.