Dundee is referred to as the city of Discovery, this name is related to the R.S.S Discovery which is permanently docked in the River Tay just outside the city centre.  It is the 4th largest city in Scotland and it is situated along the River Tay across from Fife.

The city used to be know for its three “J”s which were Jam, Jute and Journalism.  The Jute industry was big here during the Industrial Revolution in Britain.  A large number of the population were employed in Jute Mills from most of the 20th centaury until the last Jute mill was closed in the 1970’s. 

St Andrews

St Andrews is situated on the coast across the River Tay in the Kingdom of Fife, it is around a 20 minute drive from Dundee with regular buses available between the two locations.


FLORENCE was once one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. The legacy of the Medici donated to the capital of Tuscany the finest collections of Italian Renaissance art and commissioned important buildings. In the past visitors retained a private guide called a ‘cicereone’ to take them around. Today the internet can be your guide. This site will help you decided which of the many places you wish to visit in the time available.


TowerPeople coming to Portsmouth for the first time are often totally amazed at the wealth of history there is to be explored in our city, which originally really began life as a small town, way back in 1180, when a wealthy Norman merchant adventurer and soldier used a part of his not inconsiderable personal fortune to buy an area of land that we nowadays know as Old Portsmouth.


The majority of tourists visiting Norway are firstly interested in what nature has to offer. From cruise ships, buses and trains, visitors to Norway enjoy the spectacular scenery of deep fjords, high mountains and the midnight sun. The Norwegian tourism industry primarily promotes Norway as 'a pure escape' and a place for outdoor adventures. Culture is an important part of what Norway has to offer, but is not always emphasised in general tourist information.


Why is Prague visited so frequently? What makes her so alluring and so successful in captivating almost everyone who walks through her streets? There are many answers to these questions and they nearly all agree in one respect: the atmosphere and beauty of Prague arises not only from the poetic mixture of artistic monuments of different eras, but also from the life which flows within her and which itself carries memories of times gone by. French historian Ernest Denis wrote about her long ago: “Every one of her stones brings to mind heroic drama.

Okinawa Kerama Islands

The Kerama Islands.

The Keramas actually consists of about 20 small islands and 2 larger main islands, Tokashiki and Zamami. These islands are located about 50km. west of Naha. These islands are well known as excellent dive spots, camping areas and as a site from which you can watch the migrating humpback whales which migrate to this area during the winter months.